• Věra Chytilová
  • Czechoslovakia
  • 1966
  • 74'
  • Sedmikrásky

-Everything’s going bad in this world. -How do you mean? -Like that, everything? -If everything is going bad, then we’re going bad as well! decide at the beginning of Daisies the two Marys and embark on a destructive hedonistic campaign against the bourgeoisie. The most famous film of the Mother of the Czechoslovak New Wave caused an uproar with the Czechoslovak authorities who, outraged by debauched behaviour of the two protagonists, banned it from screening, while director Věra Chytilová was prohibited from filming for years. Thanks to its innovative style and anarchist themes, Daisies is today considered one of the most significant contributions to the Czechoslovak New Wave.

Subtitles: EN, HR

Věra Chytilová

Three years after her documentary debut Another Way of Life, she made her most famous film Daisies (1966), a controversial anarchist work with atypical heroines and abstract story, which was banned from screening. Following international pressure and a letter to the president, she continued making films, albeit subject to censorship. The Mother of the Czechoslovak New Wave, Chytilová was always interested in the life of modern women, yet she did so unburdened by sentimentality and dogmatic feminism.


Věra Chytilová
Ester Krumbachová, Věra Chytilová
Jitka Cerhová, Ivana Karbanová, Jan Klusák, Václav Chochola, Jaromír Vomáčka, Josef Koníček, František Uldrich
Jaroslav Kučera
Miroslav Hájek
Filmové studio Barrandov
Festivals & Awards
Berlin Int'l Film Festival 2002; Moscow Int'l Film Festival 2017; Thessaloniki Film Festival 2020; Prague Int'l Film Festival 2019

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