ZFF Travels

Once again, ZFF’s itinerant programme spreads a portion of its emblematic atmosphere further afield from the capital. Simultaneously with the audiences in Zagreb, select films will be available in record 22 locations in all corners of Croatia: Split, Korčula, Pula, Veli Lošinj, Rijeka, Nova Gradiška, Samobor, Glina, Šibenik, Bjelovar, Dubrovnik, Velika Gorica, Varaždin, Koprivnica, SOS Children’s Village Ladimirevci, SOS Children’s Village Lekenik, Čakovec, Lastovo, Prelog, Osijek and Zadar.

The treats from ZFF’s cinematic suitcase include: The Man Who Sold His Skin from the main competition, The Restless from Together Again, last year’s festival winner, Oasis, and Any Day Now from the KinoKino festival programme, this year again held at the same time as the 19th Zagreb Film Festival.